Perfect Face Wash Routine [Benefits]: +4 Simple Steps


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The face wash is liquid soap which is used to cleanse the face, it removes extra oil, sebum, dirt, makeup from the face and makes face skin fresh and breathable. Face wash is the integral part of skin care routine that no one can ignore it. 

The perfect face wash routine has been described in simple +4 steps. In daily life we wash our face with water, some people do wash with warm water. 

That is absolutely fine but if you really want to clean your skin and stay away from skin problems then face washes for the best option you could have.

As you know everyone has a different skin type and you have to select face wash according to your skin type. Different types of face wash available in the market on the basis of your skin type & selecting one for your kind of perfect face wash routine is very easy if you know your skin type!

For example, 

Every face wash comes with different benefits along with cleansing like moisturizing, brightening, anti Acne, sebum control, matte finish, pore minimizing, blackhead removal, for flawless skin, detox, skin-caring etc.

Face Wash Routine: Right Way To Use Face Wash

You may think what is a big deal in washing face but it matters a lot, how you wash your face.

So let’s have a look at how we perfectly wash our face. If you make these habits for your skin care routine it will do wonders to your skin health.

Perfect Face Wash Routine [Benefits] _ +4 Simple Steps

Points to be considered for a perfect face wash routine!

  • Select face wash that is gentle and according to your skin type

For oily skin try out the face wash based on clays and ceramides which will give the deep cleansing of face and also unclog the pore. Sometimes after washing face with these face wash may your face dry so use face wash with hyaluronic acid or other moisturizing active.

For dry skin use face wash with the moisturising active , oils , butters or with botanical extract which will give hydration , nourishment to the dry skin

For normal skin people use sulfate-free gentle face wash with a moisturising active

For the combination skin try to use gentle face wash with some deep cleansing and moisturising agent and if you feel your face dry after washing your face then apply moisturiser 

  • Use lukewarm water to rinse your face
  • Use a clean towel to dry your face
  • Cleanse your face with face wash twice a day
  • Wash your hand before washing your face
  • Select sulfate-free face wash

+4 Simple Steps: To Wash Your Face

Step 1:

  • Splash some water on the face and make it wet, take a small quantity of the product on fingertips and lather up.

Step 2:

  • Apply this to the overall face and gently massage with the fingertips in a circular motion. Do this gentle massage at least 30-40 sec.
  • Don’t massage so hard on the face. Go easy!

Step 3:

  • Splash lukewarm water on the face and remove the face wash. Don’t use either extremely hot cold water for washing your face.

Step 4:

  • Take a clean and dry towel and just pat to remove water from the face. Don’t run aggressively it will cause redness to your skin.
  • Apply moisturiser serum after this it will keep your skin hydrated.
  • You can also use toner after washing your face so if anything is remaining that will be removed and then moisturiser.

Benefits of Face wash

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